What the Font?

Days Left Until Publishing The Crimson Coil: 98

Today, I came face to face with the consequences of rushing headlong into a project without thinking. Now that I have placed myself on a publishing deadline, my thinking has shifted to details. This includes things like book covers, typeface and fonts. Well I stepped in it this time. I have been making tarot cards from characters, scenes and settings from the book and posting them. At first I did it because I thought it would help generate some interest. But it soon became a very good way to help me visualize the world in which my book takes place. Fine. Whatever.

Well, I didn't check to see if the 'free' font I was using for the cards was truly free. It is for personal use but not for commercial use. And since I do not have the kind of cash necessary to secure a commercial license, I have to redo them all. Welp, that is pretty much what I get.

I found a truly free font that is free for commercial use and I will fix my mistake. It is called Medici Text and it is pretty rad. I am using it on this website and I am considering it for the font for the actual book.

medici text sample