Crimson Coil Tarot 14: Temperance

Crimson Coil Tarot 14 Temperance
Temperance Pencil 1
Temperance Pencil 2

Making this card was important to me for two reasons: First, because doing so caused me to ruminate on how I am anything but temperate. I tend to go all out on projects and whatever it is at the time I am interested in. I suppose I could use more balance, but that just isn't me.

Second, because it reminded me I am an amateur and I need to keep practicing my art. It is not where I want it to be and I know I can do better. But for now, this is my best effort and I will have to be okay with that. If not, I could spend a great deal of time obsessing on this and it might never be good enough. So, I will move on to the rest of the cards safe in the knowledge that I will get better with time, practice and humility. 

It makes sense that these thoughts would also apply to writing. That, though, is easier said than done.