The Rise of Dark Fantasy

#darkfantasy influencers

This week I was dispensing with the normal business of managing my socials when something peculiar happened. I was typing the hashtag #darkfantasy as I always do and it populated in the search bar like it always does, reminding me that I had used it recently. But this time I noticed that there was a note saying there had been 120 posts today with that hashtag. Ok. That is not fire or anything but I do know that it is growing quickly. I did a little more research. According to Keyhole, there were 262 posts with that hashtag across Twitter and Instagram combined today. That is definitely more than when I started using the hashtag a year or so ago.

The point? Well, it would seem that the term Dark Fantasy as a social context on social media is becoming more prevalent, albeit slowly. Beyond that fact, is the more interesting implication. That is, the more this hashtag is used, the more defined Dark Fantasy as a genre of fiction will become. I wonder how much of that social reality will be determined by the so called influencers of the hashtag. I am very curious as to where it will be a year from now. 

I know one thing. I was very surprised to see that I was counted among influencers for #darkfantasy. Weird.

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