The Crimson Coil is Now Available

The Crimson Coil Bookcover

The Crimson Coil is an idea that was born ten years ago in my kitchen. I was cooking dinner and thinking about how people can perceive the passage of time differently from one moment to the next; from one person to the next as well. I wondered what it might be like if someone who was experiencing time very slow and another person who was experiencing time very fast shared the same space. What if it was not just perception, but the actual passage of time was different for them both? What would an extreme version of that look like? That single thought prompted me to write the book. Of course, it became so much more over the years. There are more books coming. That is the way of it. I had not intended it so, but it has taken on a life of its own. So as of 4/20/2019 it is available in ebook form. Print to follow. The link is below:

The Crimson Coil

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