Crimson Coil Tarot 12: The Hanged One

XII The Hanged One

It is pretty well known that the road to a successful, self-published work is arduous. There are no shortage of helpful, self-published authors who would make you aware of the importance of marketing efforts such as maintaining a robust social media presence or committing to a healthy amount of genuine engagement with readers and other writers in your genre. Those same writers will also tell you to find a way to stand out. Well, despite that very good advice, I have had difficulty doing just that. Finding a viable way to stand out as a first-time self-publisher has not been easy. But after ruminating on the dilemma for some time, I realized I needed to find a way to create value and interest in my book, not just in me, the author.

One day I was just doodling one of my characters and it dawned on me that it looked similar to a tarot card. That is when I knew this was a good way to stand out but also to create additional content surrounding my book that could increase its overall entertainment value to readers of the dark fantasy genre. Additionally, I soon understood that the process of creating these tarot cards was actually broadening the scope of the world in which my book takes place. Moreover, creating these artworks has given me content to engage people with on social media but also they have provided access to artists and art lovers interested in fantasy art or tarot.

It is still early and I am not exactly an Instagram star, but I am hopeful this is the kind of thing that garners some interest in my book, sight unseen. Time will tell.

As I finish them, I will update this post with images of the cards.

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