Crimson Coil Tarot 15: The Furtyr

The Crimson Coil 15 The Furtyr
The Furtyr Pencil 1
The Furtyr Pencil 2
The Furtyr Pencil 3
The Furtyr Pencil 4

This was one of those drawings that took me by surprise in terms of the direction it took. I had originally intended it to be somewhat traditional to what would be expected of The Devil card. I found it pretty easy to translate characters from my book into this card without modifying its classic look too much. What I did not expect, though, was how it ended up. A first I was going to draw everyone's face. But then I remembered that I am incorporating the color red into all of the cards, so making the character Dara's face a red spiral seemed fitting.

Overall, this one took more time than usual. I started with pencil then transferred it to Gimp. I used a digital drawing pad to finish. The progression is above.

I actually accidentally listed this on all my socials as number 14, which is of course incorrect; an unfortunate oversight. 14 would be the Temperance card. So now I have to backtrack, fix the errors and do Temperance next. How fitting.

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