Crimson Coil Tarot 13: Death

13 Death |  Image Copyright 2018-2019 LEO RIÁN

This particular card was challenging on a number of levels. The easiest part was actually the penciling. The digital aspect was more difficult than I thought it would be. This was mostly because the software I use, Gimp, decided it did not want to be compatible with my digital drawing pad. Also, the text tool freaked out for a time before suddenly working again. 

This card is significant to me because it really helped me to 'see' what the character Ember Driss looks like. Yeah, I can imagine him but drawing him really helped me cement him into the world of the book. This card is also the first card to have the element of red in it instead of just black and white. After seeing it, I thought I would just go with it. It is also the first card I changed from Roman numerals to regular numbers. And because I essentially have to redo all of the tarot cards due to lack of a font license, I will go back and add a little red or crimson in each card.

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