Crimson Coil Release Date March 22 2019

The Crimson Coil 3/22/19

After much toiling I have finally arrived at a release date for The Crimson Coil. The date is March 22, 2019. And while I am not entirely sure I will make it on time, I must proceed regardless. This is mainly due to the fact I am afflicted with chronic procrastination. I started this book in 2009. Yes, 2009. This makes me, among other things, a so-called 'turtle writer'. Given that length of time, the whole thing has become more than a book, really. In some ways I fear I will lose something dear if I publish and there is part of me that wishes it to never see the light of day. But I have come to the realization that this work has become a hindrance to me; a crutch to hang excuses on; an easy justification to avoid risk and deny creative progress. So, whatever happens between now and 3/22/19, I will have resolved to let this book go in whatever iteration it will have become.