Writing Dark Fantasy

A Moody Monday

In some ways, I knew it was coming. It all started with a solid plan to start the revision process with the prologue. I had recently been duly notified of the obscene number of glue words, adverbs, sentence starter repeats and well, a bunch of other unpleasant stuff in my book which I needed to address. Intellectually, I am on board and I want to do this book right. I have heard all of the many reasons why this process is all important and I agree.

Art as Inspiration to Write: Michael Whelan's Stormbringer

     Enjoying paperback book cover art has been one of my guilty pleasures since I was a kid. If there was paperback cover art to be stared at, well I stared at it. Sometimes that was my ultimate goal going into the library. I did read as well, but there were some days I would just consume paperback cover art. Well there have been some covers that impacted me more than others. Some of them even inspired me to write. I thought I would share one of the most impactful.

Longing for Light: A Dark Fantasy Trope Worth Writing

     In the search to define the increasingly nebulous term Dark Fantasy, I have found myself surrendering to self-imposed meditations during which I try to relegate the din of the interwebs on the subject to the back of my mind. No, it hasn't worked so well to that end, really. However, it has helped me to integrate the cacophony of online content into my own pre and post internet experiences as an enthusiast and consumer of dark fantasy into a shortlist of more-or-less generalized Dark Fantasy constructs and tropes.