Dungeon Mastering Will Help You Write

Yes, Dungeons and Dragons is an idea whose time has come for a second time. Only now, it thrives in a more mainstream cultural environment. Moreover, there is a vibrance to today's D&D culture that revitalizes old gamers like myself and gives me hope for the future. When I walk into a game store and see a 20-something, dice-wielding dungeon master bringing serious credit to the art, I wait for eye contact and then nod from across the room at them. Okay, that might be a little weird, but I get all choked up over it. I love that it is so popular now.

A Moody Monday

In some ways, I knew it was coming. It all started with a solid plan to start the revision process with the prologue. I had recently been duly notified of the obscene number of glue words, adverbs, sentence starter repeats and well, a bunch of other unpleasant stuff in my book which I needed to address. Intellectually, I am on board and I want to do this book right. I have heard all of the many reasons why this process is all important and I agree.