Three Words and a Picture 1

Like so many writers, I enjoy a good writing prompt. And it seems as though there are as many types of writing prompts as there are writers. Some time ago, I was looking for writing prompts online when I suddenly realized I could not pick one due to sheer option paralysis. I thought that if a prompt could be somewhat random, then it might seem easier to start the writing process. So, I came up with the concept of Three Words and a Picture.

Essentially, I would generate three random words: one noun, one verb and one adjective. Next I would select an image that is contextually interesting from a randomly generated page of images and finally I would try to write something that connected each of those elements in some way. Sometimes, I would use the words themselves in my response. Other times, I just alluded to them. Either way, I felt it struck a good balance between scaffolding and freeform. Well, I have shared online before with some interest but I decided to move them to this site moving forward. You can find the first prompt below.

Good writing to you.



Word 1: Harbour

Word 2: Invent

Word 3: Boundless

Woman in white dress outside a building with broken windows.

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