Tales from Port Frailty

Tales from Port Frailty

This is a growing collection of short works set in a sprawling and venerable city called Port Frailty.

     Port Frailty sits gargantuan and proud, nestled against the sea to the north and the river Kem to the south in a verdant yet treacherous land known as Arom. It is a city wrought from an ancient and fragile peace, itself borne of a war too long and terrible to ever risk again.
     Over the great passing of seasons it has become a city of loss and diminishing returns, beckoning fortune-seekers from afar with vapid promises of prosperity and cosmopolitan comforts. Some say it was once a city of new ideas and philosophies whose utility has since been truncated to the provision of the most basic of alms for the many who suffer within its protective walls and unimaginably massive river gates. And yet, it is still a city of some metered opportunity, if one can handle ambiguous morals and a quick loyalty.
     Alongside the visible, daily lives of its denizens, Port Frailty harbors pockets of magic and menace from generations past; being home to both the disciplined and the wild, the learned and the brash. So complex and layered are its alleys, squares, thoroughfares and neighborhoods that there are none who know the whole of it, not in its totality.
     Perhaps most peculiarly, all who call Port Frailty home are at least peripherally aware of some dark, forgotten truth just out of the reach of the waking mind. It is the type of knowing that noone can quite articulate with words if asked, but is instead revealed in their risen gooseflesh. It is an unwanted guest at every festival, family gathering and quiet moment between lovers. In the dark of night, it seeks company of the most baleful sort, wanting only for itself. Still, there are some who find comfort in it and are more joined to it; a wretched few. 
     And despite the hardships of this seemingly hopeless city, this most unkind entanglement, there is yet a dim but enduring light that refuses to be extinguished.

     Port Frailty is one setting in the larger world of Myn, the world in which my book, The Warfield Accord, takes place. Through the lens of life in Port Frailty, the purpose of this collection is to acquaint the reader with the world, some of its inhabitants, notable and mundane, and perhaps add to the impact and overall enjoyment of the book.
     You will find links to the stories below. I hope you find connection to them in some way and perhaps even familiar ground through the struggles and situations explored. I truly appreciate and welcome your thoughts on any of the writings in the form of comments shares and discussions. Thank you and welcome to Port Frailty.

-Leo Rián

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