Dungeon Mastering Will Help You Write

Yes, Dungeons and Dragons is an idea whose time has come for a second time. Only now, it thrives in a more mainstream cultural environment. Moreover, there is a vibrance to today's D&D culture that revitalizes old gamers like myself and gives me hope for the future. When I walk into a game store and see a 20-something, dice-wielding dungeon master bringing serious credit to the art, I wait for eye contact and then nod from across the room at them. Okay, that might be a little weird, but I get all choked up over it. I love that it is so popular now.

Making Tough Choices: A Harsh Realization About Professional Writing

     Other than writing, has there ever been an occupation as worthy of the title Professional Choice Maker? Ok, don't answer that. There are likely a lot. But, certainly writing can be counted among them. I have been sitting on this book for some time now. I started it in 2009 (it's okay to judge. I would.) and finished it last year. I don't know exactly what I thought was going to happen once I typed the last sentence but whatever it is, it hasn't happened yet. I know, I know.

Why I Write

     Perhaps more than any other time in my life, people have been asking me why I write. It seems odd to me when I think about it. Some days, I would rather people ask me what I write. But in those moments, there are not words enough to satisfy my answer. Trying to compress the whole of it into a discreet answer seems impossible. But because it is so important to me, I can be a bit, well, let's call it enthusiastic. Normally, I get only a few sentences out before I see a general loss of interest in the asker.

Three Words and a Picture 1

Like so many writers, I enjoy a good writing prompt. And it seems as though there are as many types of writing prompts as there are writers. Some time ago, I was looking for writing prompts online when I suddenly realized I could not pick one due to sheer option paralysis. I thought that if a prompt could be somewhat random, then it might seem easier to start the writing process. So, I came up with the concept of Three Words and a Picture.

Knives and Knellings Part IV

     Having no more to do and nothing to affect, Surek Taban, Minister of Port Frailty and hero of the Sixteen Generations War gave a final look of warning and signaled the warriors at his side to move out before himself disappearing southwest into the fog-blanketed alleys of Neodan, presumably back to his stronghold at the center of the city.

Knives and Knellings Part IV

Knives and Knellings Part III

     Once the three condemned, former students reached their places on the gallows, the person in the raven costume prepared them for hanging. This was an occasion crucial to the Choosing. That is, trading out the lives of those who had failed for those new Chosen who would take their place. Xala had always thought the practice barbaric, but it was accepted as part of the process by the people of Undertown.

Knives and Knellings Part III

Longing for Light: A Dark Fantasy Trope Worth Writing

     In the search to define the increasingly nebulous term Dark Fantasy, I have found myself surrendering to self-imposed meditations during which I try to relegate the din of the interwebs on the subject to the back of my mind. No, it hasn't worked so well to that end, really. However, it has helped me to integrate the cacophony of online content into my own pre and post internet experiences as an enthusiast and consumer of dark fantasy into a shortlist of more-or-less generalized Dark Fantasy constructs and tropes.